AirID 2 Business Edition
AirID 2 Business Edition
AirID 2 Business Edition
AirID 2 Business Edition
AirID 2 Business Edition

AirID 2 Business Edition
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AirID 2 Business is the new generation of the patented and leading wireless smart card reader for mobile 2-factor authentication.  It works with typical corporate, credit card sized, smart cards. AirID provides true secure authentication, signatures and encryption on-the-go.

AirID 2 Business has an improved design, new physical impact protection through innovative (TPU) bumper (portrait & landscape) and supports BLE 4.2. It connects with multiple devices and supports multiple platforms, i.e. Windows, Apple iOS, Android, Linux through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and USB.

Existing NFC capabilities of the smart card will be maintained. Discover unlimited use cases such as convenient 2-factor authentication, smart card LogOn, distance auto log-off, mail and data encryption, etc..

Using AirID®, your smart card will always stay safe – with you!

In case you need technical integration or consultancy services, our partners will be more than happy to assist you. Please visit our website or contact us.


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Package content: 

1 x AirID 2 wireless card reader
Wireless smart card reader with a contact interface (ISO7816) for ID-1 (full-size) cards communicating via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.2) or via USB (CCID) with your device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
1 x USB cable
For battery charging and connecting via USB to use AirID as a USB card reader (CCID)
1x Plastic strap
For carrying AirID at the belt or with a lanyard hanging around the neck 
2 x Bumper 
for landscape and portrait orientation
1 x Read Me First 

(Smart cards not included)